Suzywan DELUXE is designed and handmade in South Stockholm by Frenchwoman Suzanne . she finds inspiration in the old school hip hop and electro scene as well as in the fashion styles from the 80′s and 90′s. The brand was born in 2011 and the first piece ever produced was a necklace with the words “Give Me a Break”. Today the Suzywan DELUXE brand can be found all over Europe. Great style brings out the best in people, and maybe that is why Suzywan DELUXE is worn by Snoop Lion, Leslie Hall and Kitty Kat.

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A French bold and revolutionary attitude, mixed with Sweden’s clear forms, durability and careful craftsmanship. A combination that aspires to give you a fun and fresh vision of the future!

WOSSTORE (Sweden)--

Worn by an array of people, including Snoop Dog, the brand caters to a large variety of people. It has therefore widened its audience appeal and luckily for us, its diversity in the collections


Why we love them: Just like yer prized and fav toyz from back of the day, you’d pour love into these individually made pieces that alwayz makes you feel like a cotton candy babe



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