Payments & Ordering

  • We do not accept personal checks because we are not your landlord and this isn't 1995.:)
  • We do not accept money orders or direct bank transfers either. We're actually not sure if anyone does.

If you’ve been issued credit it’ll be under the email you placed your order with! No code necessary, just follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Suzywan DELUXE Account
2. Shop your booty off
3. Click on your shopping bag
4. Click the "Store Credit, Gift Card or Promo Code?", at the bottom of your cart BEFORE the checkout page.
5. Check the black box next to the amount of your store credit to apply it to your order.

If you didn’t have an account, one was created for you under the email you ordered with.

Lucky you! You were emailed a code to enter in your cart once you are done shopping! Login and click Store Credit, Gift Card or Promo Code? at the bottom of your cart to enter your code. You'll see your total price go lower than a twerkin’ booty! You can totaly use more than 1 code, just add them 1 at a time.

We now offer Klarna. to our eligible customers with a debit/credit card and a billing address. Klarna.  is a payment plan that lets you pay for orders of high value in 3 interest-free payments instead of all at once. View the deetz here.

If you have an active promo code you're welcome to use it BB! Just click Store Credit, Gift Card or Promo Code? at the bottom of your cart to enter your code before checkout. If you forgot to enter a code at checkout we're so sorry we can't do it for you.

Customs fees are set by your country luv, we ain't got nuthin to do with them. We can't control them at all and do not benefit from them in any way. Buyers are responsible for any customs fees or advacement fees accrued on a package.

Your order will be charged in EURO and converted by whatever payment type you paid with at the exchange rate they designate. If you wanna know what the exchange rate is before you buy contact your credit card company. For general exchange rates check out this

Chill Unicorn ! we offer free shipping so Nada Sale tax , YAY!